How it Began

Hist KvolsYaoIn 2005 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, NET experts from across America began discussing the possibility of starting an organization focused on educating medical professionals on neuroendocrine tumor disease and raising awareness of the disease across North America. About a year later, great minds came together in Portland, Oregon to plan for a new professional medical society focused on neuroendocrine tumor disease that would pursue a mission of improving neuroendocrine tumor disease management through increased research and educational opportunities. The founding members of NANETS reflected the organization's commitment to a multidisciplinary approach and consisted of doctors and scientists involved in different specialties of NETs.

It's Official

On February 21, 2007, NANETS was granted nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. Larry Kvols, MD, became the first chair of NANETS. At the time, Dr. Kvols was the director of Neuroendocrine Cancer Research at Moffitt Cancer Center.

NANETS Past Chairs

A decade of Chairs: (L to R) - Larry Kvols, MD; William Maples, MD; James Yao, MD; Matthew Kulke, MD; and David Metz, MD.
Learn more about NANETS' past chairs.

The Mission of Education Launched

Consensus Guideline Series – Major Contribution to NET Resources

To begin educating medical professionals on NET disease, founding members of NANETS understood the importance of consensus guidelines. The NANETS Guidelines Working Group was created and from 2008-2010, hours of effort were poured into launching this much-lauded initiative.

The first consensus guidelines focused on critical elements of NET disease management by organ – including the development of position papers and collaborative feedback, with the first consensus conference held on October 2, 2008. This meeting generated intense discussions and eight manuscripts were released in August of 2010. These eight manuscripts compromised the first NANETS consensus guidelines: The NANETS Consensus Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Since that initial meeting and publication, NANETS' has published additional consensus guidelines including joint consensus guidelines with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). Read NANETS' consensus guidelines.

Conferences Designed by Medical Professionals for Medical Professionals

In 2008, with the launch of its first conference, NANETS became the first organization in North America to provide a comprehensive continuing medical education program on neuroendocrine tumor disease. The first symposium was held in Southampton, Bermuda, and had an emphasis on developing an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of NET diseases with a focus on detection, diagnosis and treatment. Each year NANETS hosts a multidisciplinary symposium on the latest in NET disease diagnosis, treatment and management. Learn more about NANETS' Annual Symposium

2008 | 1st Annual Symposium | “New Horizons in NET Management” | Southampton, Bermuda

2009 | "Diagnosis & Management Strategies: A Multidisciplinary Approach" | Charlotte, North Carolina

2010 | "Discovering New Approaches in NET Disease Management" | Santa Fe, New Mexico

2011 | "NET Diagnosis and Treatment: A New Era — A New Direction" | Minneapolis, Minnesota

2012 | "NET Management Strategies: What’s New and Relevant" | San Diego, California

2013 | "Emerging Targets and Therapeutic Advances in NET Management" | Charleston, South Carolina

2014 | "Scientific Advances and Multidisciplinary Management of NETs: The Cutting Edge" | Nashville, Tennessee

Included first joint one-day program with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging to provide an in-depth review of the clinical utility of the nuclear medicine technologies for NETs

2015 | "NET Diagnosis & Management Strategies: A TEAM Perspective" | Austin, Texas

2016 | "Exploring Novel Mechanisms & Therapies for Neuroendocrine Cancers" | Jackson Hole, Wyoming

2017 | "NET Disease Management: Innovations in a Rapidly Changing Landscape" | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2018 | 11th Annual NET Disease Symposium | Seattle, Washington

2019 | 12th Annual Multidisciplinary NET Medical  Symposium | Boston, Massachusetts

2020 | 13th Annual Multidisciplinary NET Medical  Symposium | Virtual

2021 | 14th Annual Multidisciplinary NET Medical  Symposium | Virtual

Regional NET Education

In 2011, NANETS held its first Regional NET Education Conference. These conferences are held each year in conjunction with local cancer centers to provide multidisciplinary training to medical professionals across North America. Local physicians and allied healthcare providers come together with leaders in neuroendocrine medicine to educate and discuss NET disease and patient care. Learn more about NANETS' Regional NET Education Conferences.

2011 | Seattle, Washington

2012 | Linthicum Heights, Maryland

2013 | "Buffalo, New York; Lexington, Kentucky

2014 | Los Angeles, California; Detroit, Michigan; Denver, Colorado

2015 | Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio

2016 | Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2017 | Indianapolis, Indiana; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2018 | Norfolk, Virginia; Detriot, Michigan; Salt Lake City, Utah; New Brunswick, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California

2019 | Phoenix, Arizona; Baltimore, Maryland; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Albuquerque, New Mexico; San Francisco, California

2021 | Eastern Virtual Regional, Western Virtual Regional

NANETS Gains Journal

Pancreas Cover2x

In 2011, Pancreas became the affiliated journal of NANETS. This partnership was initiated through the efforts of Vay Liang W. (Bill) Go, MD, and Eugene Woltering, MD, FACS, and continues to be a valuable resource for NANETS members today.

Pancreas provides a central forum for communication of original works involving both basic and clinical research on the exocrine and endocrine pancreas and their interrelationships and consequences in disease states. This multidisciplinary, international journal covers the whole spectrum of basic sciences, etiology, prevention, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and surgical and medical management of pancreatic diseases, including cancer. 

Pancreas publishes NANETS' consensus guidelines and annual call for abstracts submissions. Members of NANETS receive free online access as a benefit of membership.

Nurturing the Next Generation

Since 2009, NANETS has provided research grants to young investigators doing outstanding work in the field of NET research. The grants available through NANETS were established to both support new research initiatives and welcome young and eager scientific minds to the NET community. To date, 16 medical professionals have received funding through NANETS. Many grant recipients have gone on to serve on NANETS committees and Board of Directors, further fostering a lifelong commitment to NET disease research and education. Learn more about past grant recipients.

Recognizing Extraordinary Accomplishments in NETs

Hist 1warner award2009

The North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who, over the course of their career, has provided outstanding contributions to neuroendocrine disease management through research, clinical practice or educational initiatives, as well as exceptional leadership in NANETS and dedication to its mission.

The first Lifetime Achievement Award was given out in 2009 to Richard Warner, MD. Since then, four other individuals have received this prestigious honor: founding NANETS Chair Larry Kvols, MD; Kjell Öberg, MD, PhD; and, for the first time ever, in 2017, NANETS gave a joint Lifetime Achievement Award to Thomas O'Dorisio, MD and M. Sue O'Dorisio, MD, PhD. Learn more about NANETS Lifetime Achievement Award Winners.

NANETS Moves to East Coast

After ten years, NANETS' moved its headquarters from the state of Washington to New York state. This move, in 2017, represented a change in NANETS' staffing structure from a single executive director to an expanded staff - aligning NANETS' growth with its infrastructure.

COVID-19 Pandemic Charts a New Course

The world changed in 2020 with the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the pandemic that ensued. The care of NET patients, a vulnerable high-risk population, became the immediate focus of the medical society and the greater NET medical community. Hospitals and treatment centers implemented new approaches and policies to support the ongoing care of cancer patients while seeking to minimize risk.

The extraordinary times enhanced the need and importance of continued NET medical education, access to research and opportunities to exchange relevant information and best practice on health care issues impacting NET diagnosis and treatment. While the world worked to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, NANETS turned to virtual education and engagement to connect doctors, advanced practice practitioners, researchers and nurses in the field.

To advance NET medical education and research under the vail or quarantines and travel restrictions, NANETS reconfigured its annual symposium to its first-ever Multidisciplinary NET Medical Virtual Symposium; began to offer a new accredited webinar series; and offered panel discussions and guildelines on COVID-19, one for medical providers and the other for NET patients.