ADasariIn November, the board voted to amend the bylaws to add a board seat. Arvind Dasari, MD, MD Anderson, was elected to fill the new seat.
Since joining MD Anderson in 2011, Dr. Dasari’s clinical focus has been on neuroendocrine malignancies and he currently serves as the co-Chair of the MD Anderson multi-disciplinary neuroendocrine tumor board.

He is also the NANETS Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair. Dr. Dasari will serve a two-year term on the board through October 2021.

"I have been closely involved in NANETS activities for several years and have also been a grateful recipient of the NANETS Clinical Investigator Scholarship. I feel that NANETS and the NET field in general are in the midst of major positive changes - as a member of the Board of Directors, I would like ensure that these developments occur in a rapid and efficient manner and thereby contribute towards furthering the mission of NANETS and improve outcomes of NET patients around the world." Arvind Dasari, MD