I am pleased to announce the election results, and to both congratulate and extend a warm welcome to the new members of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Nominating Committee.

The results of the 2016/17 elections are as follows:

Board of Directors: Emily Bergsland, Pamela Kunz, Diane Reidy, David Klimstra, Rodney Pommier, Jonathan Strosberg, and David Metz. Additionally, James Yao and Matthew Kulke will continue as voting members of the board for the next year, in their capacity as Chair Emeritus and Chair, respectively. Kari Brendtro will continue to participate on the board as a non-voting member, as executive director.

Advisory Board: Wouter de Herder, Dik Kwekkeboom, Josh Mailman, Kjell Oberg, and Guido Rindi

Nominating Committee (to start in 2017): Anthony Heaney and James Yao. Matthew Kulke will chair the nominating committee when it begins work in 2017, as chair emeritus.

As in previous years, the Executive Committee will remain in place until our next annual meeting. The current Executive Committee is comprised of Matthew Kulke (Chair), David Metz (Vice Chair), James Yao (Chair Emeritus), Jennifer Chan (Education co-chair), Diane Reidy (Education co-chair), Pam Kunz (Research co-chair), James Howe (Research co-chair), George Fisher (Treasurer), Bill Go (Publications), and Kari Brendtro (executive director). Voting members of the Executive Committee are those members who are also voting members of the Board of Directors. The voting members of the executive committee are Matthew Kulke, David Metz, James Yao, Pam Kunz, and Diane Reidy.

On behalf of NANETS, I would also like to extend our thanks to the outgoing members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Nominating Committee. All of you have generously given your time and effort over the past few years, and your contributions have helped NANETS grow and develop into an organization that is recognized as one of the true leaders in the neuroendocrine tumor field. None of this would have been possible without your work and commitment. We look forward to your continued participation in NANETS in the coming year.



Matthew Kulke